Even something beautiful can be broken.

fragile, sharp, protruding ribs
ideals, standards, beauty, existence, evaluation, narrow, content.
so complex and superficial so deep and visible.


“Photography Lightening” Day 1.

As you might heard I got accepted to the course that I was not even qualified for. Apparently  the tutor does not know how I got in. Mystery! Anyway, the first day went well, better then I thought that is. The first project was to take 3 pictures with lightening on different spots on an egg against white background. And believe it or not, it´s harder then you think! I basically build a house around my egg with styrofoam to reflect the light in order to reduce all shadows on the egg (not the picture below obviously). Creative I know, handy I don´t think so! After working in the studio 9-4 beware of a headache; the lights are strong. This thursday we will take pictures on different objects such as wood, glass, textile etc. Tricky, don´t really know what to bring, any suggestions? Now I will have some pasta bolognese, yammie yammie in my tummy!

Sweden is nothing but a winterland right now.

A few days ago when I woke up and looked out from the window I thought I was still dreaming. It was snowing! I was expecting that the spring was running towards us but I was completely wrong. Yesterday we spent the hole day at my sisters place with her family. Little Alva was singing, running around and talking non-stop. Yes, she has her mum´s genes for sure! We went for a walk in the sun and I had a perfect opportunity to use my analog Diana camera with black&white film. Hopefully I will have the picture on my blog by next week, yay! Today I have been doing a CV and applying for some job. Always difficult to start all over from scratch. I guess I will stick with receptionist as I have almost 2 years experience. I applied for a summer course for photography, fingers crossed that I get accepted. I was thinking of applying for a foundation year in London for photography this September, just to see how it goes! Something I really need to practice on is how to use an analog camera in different formats. At the same time we are busy making a website for Ciro´s label + looking for flat! Today I will meet up with Therése and Johan for a coffee, updates.now!

This is why Im proud to be aunt Sara.

From Jakarta to London and now back in Gothenburg.

Lately it´s been a lot of traveling for us. 18 hours flight, jet lag and at the same time take the time to see all of our friends in London. I have to say that Im completely knackered right now, physically and mentally. I was already tired before departure from Jakarta, apparently I was already snoring before take off which I never experienced before. On the contrary Ciro had to deal with annoying kids kicking on his seats every single minute + having a disabled man next to him that had a gas stomach, if you know what I mean. But it feels good to be back home in Europe even though Im still freezing my toes off. I guess it´s normal when you been having 29 degrees almost every single day for 2 months. Anyway, we are going to be really busy with our projects, photo shoots, applications, you name it! I do apologize if Im not going to be available the first couple of days in Gothenburg. I shall update my blog shortly but until then stay cool!

Was looking through some old pictures, I can never have enough with black&white.

Farewell Jakarta.

Today it´s Danas and Sims birthday, happy birthday boys! Me and Ciro thought until yesterday that we were leaving tomorrow night at 12.30 but yesterday Sim informed as it´s today! It is a bit tricky, it says the 11th at 12.30pm, so basically we thought it´s Friday but it´s Thursday night… Imagine if we would miss the flight and come 1 day later to the airport, total agony! Anyway, yesterday was the last dinner at Koi Kemang. Unfortunately we don´t have time to say goodbye to everyone now, but don´t worry we will be back! This 2 months has been an adventure and we have enjoyed the weather and the all the people around us. Thanks for everything guys! And a special thanks to Mas Dana Maulana that took care of us this 2 months. It feels like I known you forever and Im going to miss all the sarcastic moments we had, you are my bro! I will continue this blog from Sweden, so please don´t stop following and stay tuned! Anyway, now we are at the work shop, Ciro´s collection is almost ready, just final touch!  The plan is to go back to Europe with the 18 garments and start to advertise, any help would be appreciated! And trust me; the clothes looks amazing! Can´t say I looking forward a 18 hours flight and Im not really good in goodbyes at the airport (but who is?). The pictures further down is from the analog twin lens reflex camera I borrowed from Sim.