Jalan Surabaya – Antique market.

This particular spot in Menteng is a must-go-to place when visiting Jakarta. Probably one of very few remaining markets in Jakarta, as I haven´t heard of many others. Here you can find many surprising things in the small stalls among the street. It´s all from wooden statues, traditional masks to cameras and travel luggage.  But the tricky part, as usual, are the prices. A man tried to sell us a analog medium format camera for Rp. 1 million (about 80 pounds) when a few stalls before sold it for half price, so beware! Furthermore; check carefully if the lenses are clean and if he camera still in function. I almost forgot; for you that are records/vinyl collectors; here the variety is massive! Johnny Cash? 60’s? Classic rock giants such as Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin? Name your pick. We didn´t end up buying anything in the end as I want to wait buying any cameras until I know how the markets are in Singapore, might be cheaper – you never know!


It´s all about the shoes.

Resentment and frustration can easily transform and shape you to something you not are. The only positive with it is the person you might evolve into. That you one day wake up and realize that the pavement you are standing on is not flat. And when you realize that; buy colorful shoes so you have something that encourages you to walk up the hill.

Number 1 on the list.

Just found this picture from Berlin and realized is one of my favorites on me and Ciro together. Love that we, spontaneous, dressed up in the same autumn colors. I guess after spending 1 and a  half year together you take after each other styles!? Good thing; you get a second wardrobe. However, this picture is taken by mister Edwin Van Der Linden, my best friend, previous flat mate and bro. Of course I helped him with the settings but still; you got it in you grandpa:)


This last few days we have been productive big time; bought all the fabric and zips, printed out the price tags, booked tickets to Singapore, booked tickets from London to Gothenburg (my account is loosing weight…), trying to find good and cheap accommodation in Singapore (any suggestion would be appreciated…), learned how to use a seagull analog camera, calculated for the budget and so on. Speaking of; today we went to Majestic Textile. We bought fabric for 18 samples, more then 50 meters!! Even more interesting; on Friday Sim will follow me to buy my own Seagull camera, exciting! Will buy loads of film so I can go wild in Singapore. What I found hard in Jakarta; the city is not really “walk friendly”, majority of the times (or all the times?!) we take a cab to get from A to B. Not many hot moments to take pictures + you gain weight. Anyway, tomorrow I am planning to take a new panorama picture, pick up the laundry (we paid about 3 pounds for 8 kilo laundry, so why do it yourself?!), and afterwards go to the work shop to see how the samples are coming out. Busy day, busy week! Now doing some researching about what to see in Singapore, at least they have a good public transport and the city is rather small so cannot be too hard to get around. Anyway, here are some pictures from today.

The man with the silly walk.

Nice working outside except; no air condition!

Hard working man… and birds!

Big selection creates confusion…

…Do you get my point?

Kings Speech.

The other day me and Ciro decided to explore the cinema world in Jakarta. We have the luxury to have the “Cinema 21” just next to our apartment. And on top of that; it coast about 2 pounds per person (only during weekdays, weekends about 4 pounds). In London you can not even get a large size of popcorn for the same price! We decided to see “King Speech” as I adore Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush – remarkable actors. The movie is about how King George VI overcame his stuttering problem. George is thrust unto the throne after his  fathers dead and brother forced to abdicate. In middle of all this drama George find and get help from a little-known Australian speech therapist named Lionel Logue. Lionel encourage King George VI to find his voice and you follow a deep friendship out of a professional relationship between two men. The dry British wit is hilarious, I was literally slapping my knee during many of the scenes. A movie must to see! Now sitting in the workshop, raining hard outside. Later we will see how the sample of the price tags, I have a feeling they will come out good. Until then I will check some flights to either Singapore or Bangkok. Any suggestions would be appreciated?! Planning to go there the weekend before we heading back to London town. Can not believe we have been here nearly 5 weeks already!


The mysterious man in the park.

Today me and Ciro went to “Taman Suropati”, a park close by where we are living. Nice weather + park = time for flash flash with the camera. A few days ago I borrowed Sim´s analog Seagull camera. It basically looks like a box with 2 lenses (it is a twin-lens reflex camera). So perfect time to give it a try! Of course I brought my digital one as well, just in case the analog pictures would come up really bad. Have a feeling they might come up a bit under exposed, but fingers crossed not! Anyway, I think the title of this post will describe the feeling of this pictures below….