A glance in the past.

Sitting in the workshop with a coffee with milk and sugar next to me. The sunshine is forcing inside between the palm trees through the windows and we are listening to Back In The U.S.S.R with The Beatles on repeat. Just made a video of Ciro and Erwin dancing wild in the office. This is what I call working hard. The samples of Ciro´s trousers are done and we did the fitting. They look almost identical with Ciro´s drawings, just have to do them a bit longer and taking in the seems 5 cm. Now we are waiting for Dana, the owner, who just woke up at 11am a Monday morning or should I say afternoon? The fact is that yesterday we went for a dinner in a Korean place (me, Dana, Ciro, Erwin, Rama-Drama and Ruben), ended up drinking 3 bottles of Sake, a rice-based alcoholic beverage as Im sure you all are aware of. Or actually I didn’t drink one single drop as Im still detoxing from Fridays party. Yes, I am fragile little creature. After 1,2,3,4,5….and-I-lost-counting chingchings (means cheers in Indonesian)  we were dancing to “like a gsex” while filming of course. The waitresses were standing next to us completely speechless over our behavior. At least the restaurant was almost empty, “you only live once” and so on… I will end this post with some pictures I took and adore before I left to Indonesia. Enjoy peeps!


The Goods Dept opening party.

The Good Dept is a curated department store. Has everything from bikes, interior to clothes and shoes. First items I bought in Jakarta was from this store. I get a slightly Hurwundeki feeling but with a different concept of course. Yesterday we went for an opening party in the store itself. While surrounded by Jakarta´s fashion peeps, balloons and 20% discount on the hole store I got tipsy from all the free pints of beer they were giving out. So the catch-the-moment-pictures I took looked much better back then comparing what they do today. Have a look yourself! The evening ended up on a club with some chicken dance and hick-up until we drooped dead.



Afternoon nap – am I getting old?

Majestic – a terrific place to go when you are hunting for fabric, horrible when it comes to parking spots. Today me, Ciro and Nia went there for continuing looking for fabric. Went really well and we took all the samples (except for the cardigan, as it´s going to be knitted) and prices. Lately I been having to many numbers in my head as I been helping Ciro calculating how many pieces we need to produce per style and color. We are going to end up with 150 items for one collection total + extra for us to keep ourselves. After a nice Sirloin steak for lunch which only coast 2 pounds me and Ciro went back home to Rasuna apartments. I suspect that I need to drink more water as I felt a bit out of whack with a slightly headache this afternoon. But after a painkiller and 3 hours sleep I was back to normal (if you can define me as normal that is). Off to catch a cab towards Koi restaurant in Mahakam. Koi is a restaurant, art and furniture gallery with delicious food. It is a great place for business lunches and dinner out with friends of course. Anywho, thank god it is Friday tomorrow. Will start our day (after a long sleep) with some cheerios with milk and a swim in the pool on the rough top. Ps. Good to know; taking picture in low light and with moving scenes are a challenge indeed.

When tired of shopping malls go to Senen Flea Market.

Today me and Ciro went to “Senen Flea Market”, located in the heart of central Jakarta, so pretty much close to us. Here you can go when you have a tight budget and fed up with the shopping mall environment. It has everything for everyone; from vintage clothes, book markets to stalls selling breads and cakes. As a western tourist be prepared to be observed and tricked when it comes to prices. Do not be scared to put the price down even though the most expensive piece is about 5 pounds. We bought a shirt, blouse and sweater for less then 6 pounds altogether. Probably what you get for one item (if even that..) in Camden Town. So definitely a must-to-go place if you ever go to Jakarta, but remember to wash before use!

Fabric hunting.

Yesterday we went with Rama, Liza and Nia for fabric researching. It´s incredible how cheap it is here comparing to Europe. We found fabric for only about 2 pounds a meter when normally in London it would be about 10-15 pounds. So basically all fabric are between 50 pence to 5 pounds a meter. It was really interesting and I found amazing fabric for shirts in khaki, bone and beige colors. We just need to find burgundy, so stunning for the spring collection! We also need to find good supplies such as buttons. I calculated the other day and we need about 675 buttons, oh dio! At least it feels like we are in the right track! The pattern maker is doing the samples for the 2 trousers right now and the rest of the patterns. So hopefully all done end of this week. Then we need to do the fitting, for sure it will be some changes as it´s pretty hard to get everything right the first try. But folks remember; less is more!


The last 4 days we have been in Bali. We went with Dana and Ina and stayed the 2 first nights in Kuta. A place which is good for surfing and partying, typical drunken bikini scene for young people where local people trying to sell things literally up your face. Even when you where lying on the beach, not really our cup of tea. But in the evening we went to another area (can´t remember the name at all) to have a nice steak, drinks and meet up with 2 friends of Dana that lives in Bali. This place is even good for shopping, so if you ever go to Bali I can find out the name for you. Next day we decided to rent a car, something to recommend as the cabs are rather expensive and renting a car a hole day only coast about 25 pounds (divided for 4 people). We headed to Jimbaran, a place not many people knows about – kind of the movie “Beach” feeling. I have to warn you, this is a spicy area for you wallet. They charge you 25 pounds per person to get excess to the beach and the food&drinks I don´t even want to mention. But I guess you don´t realize after 5 cocktails of MaiTai. But the view and the beach itself are amaziiiiiiiiing, for sure one of the best places I have seen so far in my life. In the evening, a bit drunk after all afternoon-cocktails, we had mixed seafood at Menega-café, which is a restaurant located on the beach. You choose the food in the counter, which is raw, and then they cook it for you. We had huge Hake fish, Oysters, Shrimps, fried Calamari and Clams.. The food are served in massive trays and the prices incredible cheap. A must-to-try place in Bali! The third day Dana & Ina went back to Jakarta and me & Ciro continued our journey to Sanur. We booked a 4 star hotel called Bali Sanur Beach which is literally located on the beach, gotta love straight access to the ocean. This is a area good for relaxing – so a place with an older generation then us. Later on we met up Leigh and Kate who have there holiday in Bali for 2 weeks and also staying in Sanur for the night. We decided that the day after we would explore Ubud, which is an remarkable town further up towards the mountains. Ubud is regarded as the culture centre of Bali, famous for its art and rice paddles (which Ciro steeped right into with his Converse shoes that is not longer in use, haha!) We went to the monkey forest and as you can hear from the name loads of cheeky monkeys running around. Afterwards we continued walking (in the sun!!!!) towards Goa Gajah also called “The elephant cave”. A religious place for Hinduism and Buddhism built more then 700 years ago, here you can wash yourself with holy water which brings you good luck in life and walk around among jungle, temples and waterfalls – which equals CAB on the way back to Panorama hotel. Speaking of this hotel; wouldn’t recommend this hotel if you are staying more then 1 night even though you only pay 10 pounds each with breakfast included. The gap between the floor and the door in your room is big enough for bugs to get in when you have the lights on in the evening. We had to put towels to cover, yuuuck! Anyway, last night in Bali ended with beer and pics at the pool with Ciro, Leigh and Kate, nice!